For Clients

This page gives an overview of the following logistical issues relevant to Sundogs bookings.  Click on the links for more details.

  • Booking the Sundogs: How to reach us and what kind of gigs we don’t play.  😉
  • Space and Access: Why we need more room than you think!
  • Room Acoustics: How we sound depends in part on how the room sounds.
  • Power Requirements: We don’t want the show to be interrupted by tripped breakers!
  • Lighting: We’ll take care of the stage lighting; you take care of the dance floor (and everything else).
  • Client Use of PA System:  Yes, you’re welcome to use one of our microphones if arranged in advance. And it’s very common to play your iPod  playlist through our sound system during breaks and for special dances.  Just make sure our sound tech knows that you plan to do so!
  • During the Performance:  We need to know who’s in charge!
  • Time:  The time we’re actually playing is the shortest (and most fun) part of any gig!

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