Get Your Sundogs T-Shirts!

Yes, for our most deranged fans, we now have actual Sundogs t-shirts in all human-appropriate sizes (while supplies last), and four color choices: light blue, dark blue,  black, and er, white.

Here’s what’s on ’em:

Sundogs T-shirt design

Sundogs T-shirt design

We haven’t really figured out what to charge yet.  So if you really want one, come to one of our gigs and we’ll engage you in Persian bazaar-style protracted haggling until you simply give us the keys to your Jaguar convertible in exchange for a shirt that’s not even quite the right size, just to get the heck out of there.

For those of you don’t own a Jaguar convertible (and can’t “borrow” one), don’t despair!  We will give out one FREE Sundogs t-shirt at every gig!  While supplies last. And assuming we don’t forget.  All you have to do is be the winner of whatever crazy contest we happen to invent on the spot.  It might be as simple as us tossing a shirt over our shoulders into the crowd.  Like a bouquet at a wedding, only with less likelihood of bloodshed.  And we wouldn’t do this at actual weddings.

But no matter what  you pay in the end, we promise you’ll make a tidy profit in 50 years or less by re-selling your vintage Sundogs t-shirt to a popular rock-music-themed chain restaurant for their wall display.  Important: This guarantee is void if inflation doesn’t return to levels typical of post-WWI Germany or we are not eventually inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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