Client Use of PA System

When the band is not performing, clients may arrange to use our PA system for announcements and/or recorded background music. If desired, one of our vocal microphones may be detached from the stand and hand-held by an emcee, but please let us know in advance so that we can be sure there is a sufficient length of cable to move around. But note that many banquet halls have their own built-in sound systems with ceiling speakers and even wireless microphones, and these are usually preferable to the band’s sound system for speeches and announcements, because they reach the audience more evenly.

If background music of your own choosing is required prior to our performance or during band breaks, then you should plan to load up an MP3 player (e.g., an iPod), with the desired selection of songs. You will need to (1) provide the actual CD player or MP3 player used for playback and (2) delegate responsibility for the music playback, preferably to a trusted member of your party.  Your music player should have a 1/8″ output jack (most portable devices have this) — either headphone or ‘line out’.  Our sound tech will connect the player to our mixing board during the soundcheck period, and either he or your designee will start and stop the music and control the volume.

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