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Book the Sundogs for Your Party, Festival, Benefit, etc.:

For bookings or to receive a quote, please visit our page at or send us e-mail.

Please note that we are based in Madison, Wisconsin, so if you found this page via a web search, there’s a good chance we’re not in your neck o’ the woods.  That doesn’t mean that we wouldn’t be willing to travel to the ends of the earth to play for you, but travel and lodging costs add up quickly once we get outside Wisconsin and the immediately surrounding states.

As is hopefully very clear by now, we play in a rock band because it’s fun.   This means we can afford to be selective about the gigs we’ll accept.    Time permitting, we’ll probably do any gig that is reasonably likely to be fun.

Regrettably, this rules out the following:

  • We cannot play events where attendees engage in activities that could get us censured, or fired from the University, in trouble with our wives, or all three.  This includes underage drinking , use of controlled substancesbrandishing weapons, falling from third-story balconies , or tossing women’s undergarments up on the stage while we’re playing. On second thought, scratch that last one; we’ll take our chances .
  • Events where the audience has never heard of the Beatles and/or yells out requests for One Direction.
  • Events where the audience thinks the Beatles are personally responsible for the downfall of Western Civilization  and/or for our losing the war in Vietnam.
  • Events where any of the attendees are accomplished musicians and therefore capable of detecting when we have hit a wrong note.
  • Any gig where at least some of the audience assumes we’re getting paid and therefore we should be better than we are.  This restriction applies even if we are, in fact, getting paid.
  • Weddings.  We don’t have anything against weddings; we’re just not a variety band that can knock out covers of everyone from Elvis to Lady Gaga , and we don’t wear tuxeswe’re a rock band, remember?  STOP THE PRESSES!!!  When the above words were written in 2002, we didn’t realize that we would soon be getting more bookings for wedding receptions than any other kind of gig!  Seems some newlyweds like having a rock band to keep the energy flowing late into the evening and don’t care that we don’t wear tuxes!  And they can always play polkas and slow ballads through our PA system during the breaks!
  • Events where the client assumes that we enjoy playing so much that we’re willing to schlepp half a ton of gear out of our basements and devote at least a twelve-hour day to getting there, setting up, sound checking, waiting around, playing, tearing down, and driving home at 1am  …. FOR ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS!   Hint: It’s not our playing that we’re getting paid for when you press that thick wad of bills into our exhausted, sweaty palms at the end of the night.

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